Do Nothing, Done Nothing

by Steve Dana

Considering the fact that prior to being elected President, Barrack Obama hardly had a job and quite possibly never even worked for a “for profit” company, he seems mighty confident in criticizing Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s record of achievement let alone his net jobs created record at Bain Capital.

The President stood there this week talking about how Romney’s work experiences from Bain Capital to the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics to Governor of Massachusetts hardly prepared him to be President of the United States.

President Obama seems to think his three years in office give him the experience edge even in light of the multiple failures of his administration.  He can legitimately claim credit for taking out bin Laden.  It took ten years to track him down and whether the Bush Administration contributed to the successful outcome or not, US military forces got the job done.  So is that the foundation of his Foreign Policy?  I read somewhere that right up to the hour before the mission was launched, Valerie Jarret was pushing Obama to abandon the mission.

The Arab Spring will prove to be significant in history as the time when America could have helped shape the evolution of free society in the Middle East but twiddled our thumbs as the opportunity faded away.

Then of course there is the Keystone Pipeline deal that had been through the approval process but needed Presidential approval that fell by the wayside in spite of the tens of thousands of jobs that would be created, the Solyndra half billion dollar debacle, the Fast and Furious guns to Mexico deal and the million dollar GSA junket to Vegas as examples of the President’s record of either personally deciding or delegating decisions to his appointees; example after example of failures of leadership to be sure but indicators also of a seriously incompetent or corrupt administration.

The President can talk about Romney’s record all he wants but how can he not expect us to compare Romney’s record to his own.

I’m still astonished with the way the General Motors deal was done.  Rather than letting the company enter some form of bankruptcy protection that would give the share holders and managers time to renegotiate debt payments and labor contracts the President instructed the government to seize the company, infuse it with enough federal stimulus money to get it through the financial crisis in exchange for high priority shares of stock rendering privately held shares relatively worthless while at the same time preserving the labor contracts that contributed so much to the underlying problems.  Is that even legal?

The President talks about how he is a job creator but in my mind, jobs that go away when the government money goes away are not jobs.  A real job is a man or woman creating something of value that someone else is willing to pay a market price for.  A real job sustains itself.

My final issue is the glut of regulation that flows out of the various federal departments.  Anyone who has ever been in business knows the impact changing regulations to a business plan.  If you don’t know how the Obama Health Care law will impact your business, it’s not likely that you will hire new employees unless your existing workers are being worked to the bone.  Unpredictable regulatory times are a huge impediment to job creation.  But it isn’t just the changes, it’s the volume of the regulations.  Thousands of pages of new federal regulations fly out of the Environmental Protection Administration, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Education and the Department of Transportation each week.

President Obama needs to show us examples of how his buddy politics policies have created jobs since so many of his showcase plays have been unmitigated disasters.

The President should be careful how he characterizes Romney’s qualifications since his own record shows he clearly had no experience at anything except being a slick talking lawyer before he was elected.

I don’t believe Obama has ever served a full term of office in any job he ran for so his record as a legislator is bare as well.

If there were ever a “Do Nothing, Done Nothing!” president, Obama is tops.


2 Comments to “Do Nothing, Done Nothing”

  1. I don’t think experience is even close to the most important criterion for choosing a President. After all the President of the United States has his pick of advisers and staff. It is more a question I think of what sort of decisions he is willing or unwilling to make, and his ability to discern good advice from bad. And I do not think that Mitt Romney can be as stupid or wooden as he appears to me to be on television, and some information I have about about his biography suggests he is capable being President.

    George Bush and President Obama and the economic advisers of both presidents share credit for averting the economic meltdown of the whole country and world, which nearly occurred mostly as the result of deregulation of the financial industry. And in the wake of this experience I wonder if it is wise to elect Mitt Romney president who advocates deregulation.

    Of course Presidents Obama’s main achievement as president is the passage of healthcare reform, if it is allowed to stand. Of course conservative business leaders are not eager to pay for adequate health care for their employees, so that we have this absurd situation in this country where hard working people with low paying jobs are put in an impossible situation. In the great irony of this election, Mitt Romney has vowed to eradicate at the federal level, the equivalent of his signature achievement as governor of Massachusetts.

    Mitt Romney is the candidate for the rich. If you want to sum up his experience, it is the experience of the rich and privileged class. Obama is of much humbler origins. Romney’s life experience has taught him to harden is heart to the plight of others, to profit from their misery. Romney will say anything to help him get elected, his reversals on so many issues especially health care prove this. So you have to look at the actions of his life to find out what to expect. Expect Romney to help the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class to disappear.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. There is no doubt that I am not a fan of the President. I wrote on my blog about then Senator Obama before he was elected. He was a slick talking lawyer who said the things people wanted to hear. He talked about how he wasn’t a traditional politician, he was different. If America only knew how different.

    One thing I have learned after a lot of years in politics is not to listen to the candidate’s words, but examine their performance; look at their deeds. Obama spent many years associated with politically radical elements in the twenty years leading up to his running for President but then suddenly he distanced himself from them because being friends with Bill Ayers or Rev. Jeremiah Wright wouldn’t look so good when you are selling yourself as a Moderate Democrat. There’s nothing moderate about either of those guys.

    One of your comments had to do with the importance of the choices a President makes to fill out his cabinet and in senior leadership positions in his administration. I couldn’t agree more. So when I look at the choices Obama made I wasn’t encourage for our country since few of his choices had any business experience either. But it’s not just about business experience; it’s about their views on the size and role of government. Most of his choices have ultra-liberal roots and some are down-right subversive if you read their works and listen to their speeches. I guess if you can disavow yourself from those views when asked about them later, you don’t have to be accountable. Obama’s choices were down-right scary to me.

    You said that Mitt Romney was just a rich guy looking to make the other rich folks richer and the poor folks poorer because he is a capitalist. In my experience, the only folks in my world who ever created a business that produced a product by hiring other folks were rich people. That is not to say that every mom and pop business is owned by rich people, but if it employs more than thirty workers the owners are probably in the 10% club.

    I’m not familiar with any examples you cite of Romney’s life experiences that hardened his heart to the plight of others or that he profited from their misery. If you are referring to business decisions that caused layoffs then make sure you include every other business owner that ever laid off an employee based upon a proven business model. Keeping employees on the payroll who are not contributing to the profitability of the company is a failure to manage the business. You must assume that business owners should keep those un-necessary folks on the payroll until the business fails so everyone can lose their jobs. Does that make sense?

    I’m not sure who the “conservative business leaders” you refer to are; who are reluctant to pay for health care insurance. Are “business leaders” business owners? I don’t know if you have ever owned a business but I have. The bottom line for most businesses is to make a profit by producing a product or service. In a competitive environment where margins are thin the fight for survival often comes down to reducing overhead when you can’t raise your price. I’d be interested to hear how you would run a business like a tire store or a shoe store or a landscaping business. I’d also be interested in seeing a list of business you trade with.

    You end your comments with the suggestion that Romney will say anything to get elected. Then you suggest that we examine his record over a lifetime to predict what he will do in the future. He successfully ran Bain Capital a private equity company, he was elected Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican and worked with a Legislature that has been controlled by Democrats forever, he was recruited to take over the Salt Lake City Olympics to save it from bankruptcy which he did very successfully.

    I would say that is a stellar résumé for a Presidential candidate. Compare Romney to Obama side by side. What would you put on Obama’s record prior to being elected President? I can’t find a single accomplishment of note in his record that would even suggest he should be elected to anything. His legislative accomplishments in the Illinois Senate and then the US Senate are equally unaccomplished.

    And the suggestion that ObamaCare is an accomplishment as President is ludicrous. When in the history of our country have we ramrodded significant legislation through the Congress that had not been through enough hearings for the members to know what they were voting on? For Speaker Pelosi to stand there and tell us they need to “approve the bill so we can find out what’s in the bill” could be the absolute worst example of bad government in our history.

    To be clear, Romney wasn’t my first choice. If I had my way our candidate would have been considerably further to the right. Our country has been seduced by liberal progressives sweet talking us and making us feel good for fifty or sixty years while undermining the foundation of our country. Our Constitution and founding documents talked about the rationale for their selection while also warning of their weaknesses. Our challenge was to be vigilant and guard against rot from within. In hind sight, we failed.

    During this post World War 2 period we experienced wild economic prosperity which led to the belief that everything was on the right track and that our leaders had our best interest at heart and that we could trust them to do right. Under that euphoric influence we were oblivious to the ravaging going on right under our noses.

    I am an advocate of smaller, less intrusive government at every level. I subscribe to that adage “he who governs least, governs best”.

    From a purely political perspective, I’m probably a Libertarian. I agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says but I know he isn’t the candidate who could be elected since he is brutally honest with his comments. Most folks aren’t ready for that kind of frankness.

    So I’m looking for candidates from the local level to the highest office in the land who don’t advocate that government be the solution. Government does have a role and our Constitution lays out what that is and how it should be accomplished. Mission Creep is a good way to characterize government today. We need to get back to our roots.

    Like all the folks who tossed their hats into the Presidential primary process I believe any one of them would be preferable to Barack Obama. His lack of accomplishment prior to election, his absolute void of leadership and continuous failures of management in office and his likelihood of destroying our country if he is re-elected make me afraid for the USA.

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